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Country of Origin : USA Brand Name: VALVOLINE Product Name: Motorcycle Engine Oil Part Number : 841078 Delivery : Buy 1 Case -Free Delivery ( YGN Area)

Size : 1 Liter
Package : 1 case – 24 bottles

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Valvoline Champ 4T Scooter 10W 30 is recommended for use in Honda and other scooters where in SAE 10W 30 grade is specified. Valvoline Champ 4T Scooter 10W 40 is recommended for use in Yamaha & Suzuki Scooters wherein SAE 10W 40 grade is specified.

Valvoline Champ 4T Scooter  is a premium multi-grade 4T oil specially formulated to provide excellent year-round protection for all  gearless scooters The product is blended from selected premium base oil and advanced additive chemistry to provide strong oil film for perfect protection and lubrication with reduced wear under a wide temperature range. It meets the requirements of leading scooter manufacturers. Valvoline Champ 4T Scooter meets requirements of JASO T903, 2011 Grade MB and is designed for use in latest generation scooters with automatic transmission. Valvoline Champ 4T Scooter ensure minimal power loss, reduce fuel consumption, provides excellent power release and acceleration due to its highly effective friction modifier. Advanced additive system provides excellent engine cleanliness and reduces wear of engine components. Highly Shear Stable Viscosity Index Improver minimizes oil thinning and retains correct oil viscosity for both start up and high temperature operation and maintains peak performance throughout the oil drain in modern scooters.



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