Valvoline All Climate Diesel 15W40 API , CI4

ID: BDZ 14733
Country of Origin : USA Brand Name: VALVOLINE Product Name: Automotive Serial Number : 869553 / 506047/896345 Delivery : Buy 1 Case -Free Delivery ( YGN Area)

Size : 7 Liter
Package : 1 case – 2 bottles

97,750 Ks

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  1. Valvoline All Climate Diesel 15W-40 is engineered to provide superior engine protection in new generation diesel and Petrol engines of passenger cars and MUVs. It is blended in synthetic technology base stocks with specific additive chemistry called SDTTM (Special Dispersant Technology) targeting the following benefits: Controls high temperature piston deposits Advanced Soot dispersancy and oil-thickening Control Low temperature sludge protection Superior TBN retention Valve train wear protection Better cold start properties Excellent oxidation / thermal stability
    Valvoline All Climate Diesel 15W-40 is recommended for use in turbo charged diesel &Petrol cars, SUVs & MUVs of Tata Motors, Maruti, Ford, Skoda, Fiat, Toyota, Hyundai and all other makes.

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