Valvoline All Weather Coolant

ID: BDZ 14739
Country of Origin : USA Brand Name: VALVOLINE Serial Number : 888770 Delivery : Buy 1 Case -Free Delivery ( YGN Area)

Size : 4 Liter
Package : 1 case – 4 bottles

38,500 Ks

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Valvoline All Weather Coolant Features

•Superior State-of-the-art Organic Acid Technology protects cooling system from rust & corrosion, extends engine life
•Provides protection upto 3 years/150,000* Kms
•Contains no phosphates, silicates, borates, nitrates, amines and nitrites.
•Provides protection against corrosion, cavitation, overheating
•Compatible with hard water, can tolerate hardness up to 770 ppm

Vendor Information

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  • ရောင်းသူ Thin Thin Htay
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