Valvoline CVT FLUID Auto Gear Oil

ID: BDZ 8269
Country of Origin : US Brand Name: VALVOLINE Product Name: Continuously Variable Transmission (Fully Synthetic) Part Number : 804751 Delivery : Buy 1 Case -Free Delivery ( YGN Area)

Size : 0.9 Liter
Package : 1 case – 6 bottles

85,200 Ks

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Full synthetic fluid
Excellent anti-shudder durability
Superior wet clutch performance
Excellent anti-wear performance
Excellent metal-metal friction protection
Designed to provide excellent torque transfer

Valvoline CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) Fluid is specifically formulated for today’s technologically sophisticated variable transmissions. It is formulated with premium synthetic base stocks, long-life friction modifiers, special anti-wear additives, and shear stable viscosity modifiers. Valvoline CVT Fluid is recommended for use in most belt and chain-driven continuously variable transmissions and will not void new car warranties. Valvoline CVT Fluid in not recommended for Hybrid CVT units (Toyota and Ford).



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